Inclusive Games 2020
#Inclusive Games


32 athletes from the RFEA and 32 athletes from all Federations with Disabilities. Five disciplines. The whole spectacle of inclusive athletics.

Competition schedule

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Shot put

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Long jump

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100 meters

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1500 meters dash

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Relays 4x100


Athletics inclusive regulation

Participating federations


Participating athletes

32 athletes from the RFEA and 32 athletes from the multiple Federations with Disabilities, in total 64 athletes distributed in 4 teams of 16 athletes each (50% men / women and 50% with / without disabilities) with a maximum of 8 athletes (4 men and 4 female) without disabilities and 8 athletes (4 male and 4 female) with disabilities per team. All athletes will do 2 individual events and 4 from each team will do the relay event, so the total number of athletes will be 32 athletes (4 teams of 8 athletes).

Competitions - Tests

Five in total, including 100m, 1500m, Long Jump, Shot Put and 4x100m Relay. Individuals: each team will line up 4 athletes in each individual event: 2 athletes (1 male and 1 female) with disabilities and 2 athletes (1 male and 1 female) without disabilities, so that a total of 16 athletes will participate in each individual event.

  • 100m: 2 series will be held (1 male and 1 female) and the times of both series will be added for the sum of each team.
  • 1500m: the 16 athletes will participate together in the same series.
  • Contest: Long Jump and Shot Put. The 16 athletes will compete together and will have 2 attempts each, obtaining the best of these 2 attempts as a result.
  • Team: 4x100m relay. In the relay each team will line up 4 athletes with the order of posts determined as follows: 1st post, male without disabilities; 2nd post, female with a disability; 3rd post, female without disabilities; 4th post, disabled male.


In each individual event, the 4 athletes of each team will add their best result in the event and thus:

  • In contests (Long Jump and Shot Put): the team with the highest sum of distance will obtain 4 points, the 2nd team will obtain 3 points, the 3rd team will obtain 2 points and the 4th team will obtain 1 point.
  • In races (100m and 1500m) the team with the lowest sum of time will get 4 points, the 2nd team will get 3 points, the 3rd team will get 2 points and the 4th team will get 1 point. Note that the “Race” score calculation will be used, so that each athlete competes against the world record of their discipline, gender and / or functional class.
  • The relay event will score double with 8 points for the 1st classified team, 6 for the 2nd, 4 for the 3rd and 2 for the 4th.

The total count will give the final result, with which the team with the highest score obtained from the sum of each of the tests will win.


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