Inclusive Games 2020
#Inclusive Games

Inclusive Games regulation

The regulations of the competitions designed in the different sports have been the result of a process of elaboration, dialogue and consensus with each of the participating sports federations, always based on six key aspects that guarantee real inclusion in sports competition. These aspects are:

  • Security.
  • Compliance with the objectives of the competition.
  • Adaptations aimed at the different functional profiles.
  • Equity in the contribution to the competition.
  • Respect for the essence of sport.
  • Context of full participation.

The sports federations are in charge, for each modality, of selecting athletes from among the participants in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, although they may occasionally be supplemented with athletes from the national teams not participating in Tokyo 2020.

Fundación sanitas


Consejo Superior de deportes Comite Olímpico Comite Paralímpico Ayuntamiento de Madrid Comunidad de Madrid Fundación Once Telemadrid Real Madrid


Fundación También Gobierno de España Special Olympics Emilio Sanchez Vicario  Down españa  Cermi Cedi Extremadura Patricia García


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