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Table tennis

Sport with a great Paralympic tradition, since Rome'60, 28 years before the incorporation of the Olympic version into the program. Six players divided into two teams of 3 each will play a total of three dizzying matches.

Competition schedule

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Table tennis doubles

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Table tennis singles

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Table tennis inclusive regulation

Participating federations


Participating athletes

6 players divided into two teams of 3 players each. In addition, one technician per team will participate.

Competitions - Tests

The competition system will consist of the dispute of a match between the two teams formed, making two individual matches and one doubles, which make up a total of three matches, with the following distribution:

  • Male disabled athlete vs male disabled athlete (both in a wheelchair).
  • Absolute female without disability vs absolute female without disability.
  • Inclusive mixed doubles, whose pairs will be made up of the three players and one player, and two players with a disability and another two without her.


As per the regulations in this sport for each match, with each team being awarded a point for each individual or doubles match that they have won, in order to determine the winning team.


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