Inclusive Games 2020
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A mixed team competition with four categories: Men's Olympic, Women's Olympic, Paralympic and Inclusive in which the winner will be the one who adds the most points. A pure show in which technique is much more important than strength.

Competition schedule

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Judo inclusive regulation

Participating federations


Participating athletes

8 athletes divided into two teams of 4 athletes each, for the following categories:

  • 90 kg men ( Olympic category)
  • 63 kg women ( Olympic category)
  • 73 kg men (Olympic category )
  • 52 kg women ( Olympic category)

Competitions - Tests

A mixed team competition will be held with four categories: Men's Olympic, Women's Olympic, Paralympic and Inclusive. It is a reduced format of the mixed team competition to be held at the Tokyo Olympics. The limits on body weight for each of the categories will be determined based on the confirmations of the participating athletes.


The regulations for IJF mixed team competitions will apply, adapted to a smaller number of weight categories. The team that achieves 3 victories will be the winner. In the event of a tie at 2 victories, the winner will be the one with the most points (10 points in victories by ippon and 5 points in victories by wazari).


Get to know Paralympic judo
Explanatory video of Paralympic judo
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